What Ageless Means to Us

The concept of “Feeling Ageless” is the core of our new brand.

Join us as we share what Ageless means to us.

The past year has been full of changes for Ageless Remedies of Roswell.

From new ownership, to new and expanded services, to a new website and new branding, Ageless Remedies has been reinvented and rejuvenated for 2019 and beyond.

The core idea behind all of these changes is the concept of “Feeling Ageless.”

While the word “Ageless” has always been part of the company name, our recent brand refresh was the perfect time to take a fresh look at the word and come up with some new ways of articulating what Ageless really means to us.

So, over the past year, we’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on what it means to feel Ageless and how we can embody that idea in every service we offer and in every interaction with our team and our customers.

We wrote this piece to share what we discovered with you!

Woman with shoulder-length sandy hair and blue eyes smiling

The Definition of “Ageless”

When you’re thinking about the meaning of a word, it makes sense to start with the dictionary.

Dictionary.com says the word “Ageless” was first recorded between 1645-55, and means:

Not aging or appearing to age

Lasting forever; eternal; undying

Meanwhile, the Wikipedia entry on Ageless says:

…describing a person or thing whose age cannot be defined, is non-existent, or appears not to change. It can also describe something that has existed without a precise beginning or an end. Agelessness can be used as a synonym for immortality; more specifically it refers to eternal youth.

Things that are eternal, never aging, lasting forever — youth that never fades!

Sounds pretty good, right?

Those are nice ideas, but since it isn’t possible to actually stop aging in its tracks and live forever, we wanted our interpretation of Ageless to be a bit more relatable.

To make sure our ideas about Agelessness were grounded in reality, our next step was to talk to the people who have first-hand experience helping our clients feel Ageless every day.

We asked our team to share what of “Ageless” means to them. Here’s what they said:

What Ageless Means to Our Team

Jacque, Aesthetician

“I feel Ageless when I take care of myself and when I take care of others. When I do this, I stop thinking about my age and I just feel good.”

Jacque, Aesthetician

Katrecia, Aesthetician

If you feel great and can do the things you want to do no matter how old you are, then you’re feeling Ageless!

Treci, Aesthetician

Cunard, Physician Assistant

I love getting to know our patients and helping them get great results that make them feel good about themselves. So helping other people feel Ageless makes me feel Ageless too!

Cunard, Physician Assistant

Gloria, Physician Assistant

“Ageless means that whatever is in your heart shines through on the outside. When you feel Ageless, people don’t think about your age because they can see you are happy, healthy, and enjoying life.”

Gloria, Physician Assistant

Yana, Customer Service

“Ageless is a combination of looking and feeling young. It’s about not letting your age get in the way of the things you want to experience in life.”

Yana, Customer Service

Tammy, Customer Service

“Ageless means that I feel healthy and that don’t show outward signs of aging in my skin.”

Tammy, Customer Service

Denise, Customer Service

“Ageless means looking and feeling your best at any age.”

Denise, Customer Service

Charlene, Customer Service

Ageless means having plenty of energy no matter what your age is. Never feeling ‘old’, either physically or mentally.

Charlene, Customer Service

Emily, Customer Service

“For me, feeling Ageless means taking the absolute best care of myself in all areas of my life.”

Emily, Customer Service

Meredith, Owner and Primary Physician

“I feel ageless when I feel healthy. I enjoy the effects of eating wholesome, nutritious food and exercising. When I feel good on the inside, it reflects on the outside and gives me the energy to tackle the day.

Meredith, Owner and Primary Physician

Mike, Manager

“Feeling Ageless is all about energy for me. Having the stamina to parent, work and play is really my big goal for living a healthy lifestyle (and it never hurts when your wife is a wellness expert)!”

Mike, Manager

Ageless Themes

It was fun and rewarding to see how everyone on the team interpreted the concept of Agelessness.

While everyone has their own unique perspective, themes of good health, high energy, feeling great and looking your best came up again and again.

Taking care of yourself on the inside and maintaining your appearance on the outside can make you healthier, happier and more confident — the best version of yourself.

And while looking and feeling good for ourselves is nice, there are even more important reasons for this kind of self-care: so we can be at our best for the people that are important to us.

Whether it’s to connect with people in our communities or to have more energy for our kids, we become truly Ageless when we can do the things that matter to us with the people we care about — without age or health issues slowing us down.

What Does “Ageless” Mean for the Business?

Professional woman in a sweater and collared shirt holding an iPad in an office

We think the concept of Agelessness can extend beyond our individual lives and into the realm of the business itself as well.

While Mike and I just celebrated our 1 year anniversary as owners of Ageless Remedies of Roswell, we know the business had a meaningful history before we came along.

Even though we’ve made a lot of changes in the past year, we believe the essence of the business — our commitment to outstanding customer service, our personal relationships with our clients, and the warm, friendly atmosphere — have not changed and never will, because these are the things that make our business Ageless.

By respecting what makes us unique and focusing on the customer experience, we can ensure that the business will be around to help thousands more customers feel Ageless in the years to come.

As we continue to look for ways to grow and improve, we always ask: what would make Ageless Remedies the best version of itself?

The Ageless Remedies Promise

We have one more thing to share with you.

We incorporated the responses from our team, the dictionary definitions, and our own perspectives on Agelessness into a formal statement of our philosophy.

We hope that it resonates with you and with others who believe that a person’s age should not define what a person can do or how they feel about themselves.

Happy young woman and her mother hugging and smiling

What Ageless Means to Us

At Ageless Remedies, we don’t believe in turning back the clock.

We aren’t satisfied with masking the superficial signs of aging.

Instead, we focus on what really matters: your health and self-esteem.

We believe you can look better and feel better tomorrow than you did yesterday.

We believe your best days are ahead of you, not behind you.

We believe that when you feel healthy and look your best, your age doesn’t matter.

In other words, you feel Ageless.

When you feel Ageless, you’ll be the best version of yourself for the people you love.

We believe that anyone, at any age, can feel Ageless if they have the right care and support.

We promise to do whatever we can to help our clients feel Ageless every day.