Bra Bulge

Back Fat Reduction Roswell, GA | Bra Bulge

Also known as bra fat, back fat, and armpit fat, bra bulge is a common problem for many women. It is defined by subcutaneous fat or normal buildup of fat that just happens to be hanging over your bra at your upper back and armpit bra areas.

What causes bra bulge?

It is important to understand what may cause bra bulge before you look into treatment; these factors include a poor diet, consuming more calories than you burn, lack of exercise, age, stress, and even the simple issue of wearing the wrong bra size. Approximately 70% of women are wearing a bra that is too small, and a bra that is too tight, can result in the skin around the bra being forced over the band on your back, coming out of the bust area, and even bulging out near the armpits. 

Diet and exercise are important, and although a good routine may help reduce some excess fat in some areas, it may not always be enough. While these are great for helping reduce overall body fat, there isn’t much to help with pinpointing these troublesome areas, which is where Coolsculpting comes into play.

What is CoolSculpting and how does it work for bra bulge?

CoolSculpting involves no knives, no punctures, no needles, and no downtime in your recovery, so this minimally invasive procedure can be a great option for many women. 

CoolSculpting is a fat-freezing technology that freezes fat cells without harming the skin and tissue surrounding the target area. Fat cells do not respond well to cold, so once they freeze, they die, and the body will naturally process the dead fat cells, which are then excreted. CoolSculpting can help target your bra bulge areas along with your diet and exercise routine and you will notice results within as little as three weeks.