Free Wellness Consultation

Free Wellness Consultation

We offer a complimentary wellness consultation to any of our patients who are interested in exploring our wellness services.

Here’s what you can expect as part of your free wellness consult:

Wellness Overview

First, we’ll have a brief discussion of your overall health and wellness to determine your goals and identify any issues you’d like to address. We’ll also discuss options for wellness tests that can help diagnose underlying health issues that may be affecting how you feel.

New Patient Packet

Next, you’ll get a new patient packet to review and complete at home. The packet gives you space to go into detail about your medical history and describes our wellness offerings.

Follow-Up Visit

A few weeks later, you’ll return to the office so we can review your labs and packet together. Based on the results, we may prescribe medicines, supplements, hormone replacements, lifestyle modifications, or future follow-ups.

Common Patient Concerns

Wondering if a free wellness consultation is right for you?

Here are some common questions and concerns our wellness services can help you address:

Why Do I Feel So Tired?

Feeling sluggish or exhausted despite eating well, sleeping well, and exercising? These and other symptoms could be a sign of a hormone or thyroid imbalance. We offer simple testing so you can get answers — and get your energy back.

What Vitamins Do I Need?

Micronutrient testing can reveal key vitamins and minerals that your body may be missing. Once we know where the deficiencies are, we can recommend supplements or dietary changes to restore balance so your body can function optimally.

What Foods Make Me Feel Sick?

Food sensitivities and related diseases can cause anything from skin rashes and headaches to chronic intestinal diseases. We can test sensitivities to 250 different foods, colorings, and additives so you can learn which ones to avoid.

How At-Risk Am I For Heart Disease?

Comprehensive cholesterol and blood sugar regulation tests can reveal risk levels for heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. Insights from this test can help you make lifestyle modifications to reduce your risk as you age.

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