Kybella Treatment in Roswell, GA

Zoom meetings have given us a new view of our chins. We’re seeing them more than ever before! If you’re tired of seeing your double chin or jowls on your screen, Kybella can melt it away in as little as one appointment! 

Kybella is an FDA-approved, non-surgical treatment that dissolves excess fat around the jawline. Used to treat both double chins and jowls, Kybella uses a series of deoxycholic acid injections that destroy fat cells in the area, which are then naturally reabsorbed by the body. Kybella results are permanent! Once the fat cells die, they cannot regrow! 

There is no downtime with Kybella. You may experience some temporary swelling at the injection site that fades quickly. Simply visit our office, have your Kybella injections done, and get on with your day! 

Kybella for Double Chin 

The way fat sits in your face has a huge influence on your overall appearance. A double chin, or excess fat directly underneath the chin, can impact the lines of your face and make you appear as if you’re overweight, even if you’re not! Kybella injected into double chin fat melts the fat away, slimming your face and giving you a more sculpted jawline. 

Kybella for Jowls 

The dreaded jowls. Most people end up with them eventually. Through a combination of genetics, lifestyle (smoking and staring down at screens consistently both contribute to the development of jowls), weight, and aging, nearly everyone develops jowls. 

Kybella injections can reduce the amount of fat in the area of jowls, reducing their appearance and almost instantly shaving years off your appearance!