Wellness Services in Roswell, GA

Our wellness services heal your body on the inside, so you can look & feel Ageless on the outside.

If you’ve ever wondered…

  • Why do I feel so tired?
  • What vitamins do I need?
  • What foods make me feel sick?
  • What’s my risk of heart disease?

You’re not alone — and we can help!

We’ll work with you to find the answers you need and plan the right steps to improve your health and well-being for years to come.

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Wellness Offerings

Wellness Tests

Our wellness tests give you the insights you need to understand your body so we can find the most effective ways to help you feel your best.

Free Wellness Consultation

We offer a complimentary wellness consultation to any of our patients who are interested in exploring our wellness services! Read on to find out what's included.

Vitamin Injections

Nutrient Injections

Injectable Nutrient treatments resolve vitamin deficiencies by injecting nutrients directly into the bloodstream. You'll feel the effects right away and the benefits will last for weeks! Options include lipotropic B12 and methyl B12. Monthly injection memberships are available as well.


We offer a wide range of supplements from top brands like Ortho Molecular and Pure Encapsulations. Shop online and have your favorite supplements delivered to your door or pick them up at your next appointment.