Wellness Treatments in Roswell, GA

Our wellness services help you optimize your body’s ability to heal and regenerate on the inside, which will in turn enhance your appearance.


Items representing a healthy lifestyle - water, fruits and vegetables, running shoes, weights and a stethoscope

Overall Wellness Assessment

Our Overall Wellness Assessment includes a standard medical workup, a review of your medical history, and comprehensive investigation of your current symptoms and medications. Pair the wellness assessment with our advanced labwork offerings for a personalized analysis of your biochemistry.

Advanced Labwork

Our Advanced Labwork services combine analysis of traditional and innovative biomarkers to provide a more complete understanding of your specific biological systems and how they interact.

Vitamin Injections

Nutrient Injections

Injectable Nutrient treatments resolve vitamin deficiencies by injecting nutrients directly into the bloodstream. Injections bypass your digestive system, which means your body absorbs 100% of the vitamins. You'll feel the effects almost immediately, and the benefits will last for weeks. Options include Lipotrophic, B12, LipoB, Vitamin D, and B Complex.