Celebrating 1 Year of the All-New Ageless Remedies of Roswell

I’ve always dreamed of owning a certain type of medical practice.

A place that offers both aesthetics and wellness services in a warm, welcoming environment. Where the staff feel like family and everyone on the team feels a sense of purpose in their work. And, most of all, a place that values patients’ well-being and their treatment experience above all else.

For the past few years, my husband Mike and I had been looking for the best way to bring that dream to life. We explored several different options, from starting a new practice to acquiring an existing MedSpa if we could find one that was a good fit.

From the moment we discovered Ageless Remedies and met the people there, we knew we had found our new home.

The staff were all warm, highly skilled people who loved their work and loved the business. Over the years, they had built meaningful relationships with a strong base of loyal customers. In short, it was was exactly the kind of community that we had envisioned.

And so, in early 2018, our plan took shape: I would put my medical degree and anti-aging certification to use as the primary physician and medical services provider, while Mike would use his background in engineering and management to keep things running smoothly.

The location was ideal for our family life, too, so we decided to take the leap!

On March 1st 2018, we became the new owners of Ageless Remedies of Roswell.

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since then!

What’s Changed?

What have we been doing to bring our vision for Ageless Remedies to life?

In a word: lots!

From expanded service offerings, to new branding and a new website, to office upgrades and new team members, we’ve been working to improve every aspect of the business.

We’ll cover the highlights here. If you want more detail, you can read about what our brand theme of “Feeling Ageless” means to us. We’ll share a detailed look into our brand refresh process soon, too.

Expanded Service Offerings

Athletic woman in a blue jacket stretching her arms before a workout

Wellness Services

While Ageless Remedies has always been known for its outstanding aesthetic services, one of our most important goals for the year was to start offering wellness services.

This is important to us because our vision of what Ageless means to us involves not only looking good on the outside, but genuinely being healthy and feeling good on the inside.

To support this, we’re currently offering four main wellness services:

  • An Overall Wellness Assessment
  • Advanced Labwork
  • Nutrient Injections

We’ve had great feedback from customers who have tried our wellness services so far, and we hope to introduce even more wellness offerings later this year!

“Just got a wellness consult with Dr. Lassiter and a hydrafacial with Treci. I’m so pleased with AR!”

Leslie S.
Woman receiving CoolSculpting treatment
CoolSculpting Logo

Another major addition — and already one of our most popular offerings — is CoolSculpting!

Have you ever felt frustrated with stubborn fat, especially around your midsection or on your arms? Ever wish you could get rid of it for good?

That’s exactly what CoolSculpting does!

This new technology permanently destroys fat cells while leaving the surrounding tissues undamaged. It may sound like something from the future, but it really works.

In fact, our patient results have been so impressive that several of our employees have started to try CoolSculpting for themselves. Some have even been gracious enough to share their experiences.

Here’s what Charlene, one of our customer service experts since 2012, had to say:

Charlene, Customer Service

“I’ve worked with personal trainers and taken group fitness classes for years, but I could never get rid of stubborn fat on my stomach after having my children.

I tried CoolSculpting because I saw the great results our customers were getting. Within 30 days, I saw improvements on my body too.

I like that it’s not a diet and that there was no surgery or downtime involved.”

New Branding & Website

Our branding and website have gone through some dramatic changes in the past year as well!

We wanted to update our branding and online presence to reflect our new philosophy and vision for the business.

To help crystallize those ideas, we went through an in-depth rebranding process with designer and brand strategist John Sexton.

We’ll share closer look at our brand refresh in a future blog post. For now, here’s another look at our new logo:

Ageless Remedies of Roswell Logo

Improvements to the Office

From new signage on the front windows, to a revamped lobby and waiting area, to updates to the treatment rooms, we want to make the office as warm and comfortable an environment as possible for our clients.

Here is what you can expect when you visit Ageless Remedies:

Celebrating Our Team

Since our people are the heart and soul of the Ageless Remedies experience, we wanted to take a moment to appreciate them, too!

Introducing Our New Team Members

We recently had two new faces join the team. This is especially exciting because they’re the first to join us under the new ownership and new vision.

Say hello to Katrecia and Emily!

Katrecia (or Treci) is a certified Aesthetician and Medical Assistant who excels at helping customers feel comfortable during their treatments. Treci joined us as an Aesthetician in September 2018.

As a licensed aesthetician herself, Emily is intimately familiar with all aspects of the client experience. Emily joined Ageless Remedies as a Customer Service expert in January 2019.

Emily was also one of our clients before joining the team!

Emily, Customer Service

“I always enjoyed my visits to Ageless Remedies as a client. The staff went above and beyond with their service and they created such a positive environment while also producing the results that I wanted. Now I’m proud to be a part of the team and do the same for our customers!”

If you haven’t met Treci or Emily yet, please come by and introduce yourself!

Our Longtime Ageless Remedies Family

We also want to celebrate our team members who have been with Ageless Remedies for a long time. Some of our veteran staff have been with us for many years — starting as early as 2005!

All of these wonderful people have helped to make Ageless Remedies what it is today, and they will continue to shape it for years to come:

What Hasn’t Changed?

We’ve talked a lot so far about what’s new and what has changed with Ageless Remedies. And while that’s exciting, we also wanted to take a moment to talk about what isn’t changing.

As new owners, we wanted to make sure we preserved and build upon the things that made Ageless Remedies successful in the first place.

When we asked our staff and customers what made Ageless Remedies special, they all said the same things: personal service, a great customer experience, and a warm, friendly atmosphere.

While our logo, website, or service offerings may change from time to time, our commitment to a providing a great experience for every one of our customers will always be our top priority.

We love to see our customers come back again and again knowing they are in good hands from the moment they walk through the door — and we hope that includes you!

How Can We Improve Your Experience?

If you’re a customer and have thoughts on what we can do to improve your experience at Ageless Remedies, please let us know. We’re listening!

The Ageless Remedies Team

Thank You for an Amazing First Year!

From expanded services, to improved branding and website, to new team members, to the joy we feel from helping our customers feel Ageless, this past year has been an incredible journey.

As we move forward, we’ll keep looking for ways to make your experience even better before, during, and after each visit.

If you haven’t been to the office in a while, please stop by soon and see how things are changing. And if you’ve already got your next appointment scheduled, we’ll see you soon!

Here’s to feeling Ageless in 2019 and beyond,

Meredith's Signature

Dr. Meredith Lassiter, DO
Owner and Primary Physician