Brown Spot Removal

Brown Spot Removal in Roswell, GA

Brown spots, age spots, liver spots, or sun spots – whatever you call them, you just want them gone! Ageless Remedies can help. We offer a wide variety of treatments to erase brown spots and turn back the clock on the visual age of your face, hands, arms, shoulders, and décolletage.

What causes brown spots? 

Nearly every adult over age 50 has age spots, especially those with lighter skin. Age spots are areas of the skin that have become hyper-pigmented due to sun damage. When your skin receives too much sun exposure, it permanently becomes darker in spots to attempt to protect itself, causing age spots. Unlike freckles, age spots don’t fade when you stay out of the sun. 

Treatments to remove brown spots 

Since brown spots exist only on the very top layer of skin, brown spot removal usually leads to great results and very happy patients. We remove age spots in several ways, including lasers, light therapy, and chemical removal treatments. 

How long will it take for my brown spots to go away? 

The length of your treatment will depend on the severity of your age spots. For most people, a few treatments scheduled a couple of weeks apart produce the results they’re after. Of course, for small or very light age spots, one treatment may be all you need! 

Prevention is key! 

After your age spot removal, you must wear sunscreen on the treated area to prevent the age spots from coming back. Wearing sunscreen every day on any areas of your skin that receive sunlight, including the backs of your hands and arms, will prevent you from developing new brown spots in the future.