Emily’s Experience with Dermal Fillers

Ageless Remedies customer service expert Emily shares her personal experiences and results with dermal fillers.

Hello! Can you share a little bit about yourself?

Emily, Customer Service

Hi, I’m Emily!

I’m 54 years old and I’m a licensed aesthetician (non-practicing) and I’ve worked in the medical field (both traditional and holistic) for many years. I enjoy walking, boating, cooking, reading, and beach time.  I’ve been married to my wonderful husband for 29 years and we have two amazing adult children.

I have had the wonderful opportunity of working at Ageless Remedies since January 2019.  The staff is amazing as well as our clientele. Prior to working at AR I have been a client myself since 2013 so I know firsthand that the staff is very personable yet very professional.

What aesthetics services have you tried? How did you feel about them?

In the time I’ve been a client, and working at Ageless Remedies, I’ve had the opportunity to try several procedures such as Botox, IPL, Facial Laser Vein Removal, Hydrafacials, Medical Facials, Microdermabrasion,  Microneedling, and the new Vivace Microneedling RF.

I have had a great experience and great results from all of the services I’ve tried and I would highly recommend any of them in addition to fillers in order to achieve maximum results!

What made you want to try dermal fillers?

In addition to the effects of aging, my weight has fluctuated over the past two years causing me to lose volume in my face thus making me look older.

I also wanted to try dermal fillers because the procedure is safer and not as invasive as surgical alternatives. Another thing I like about fillers is that the effects are immediate and long-lasting.

Can you tell us about your experience getting dermal fillers?

After a comprehensive consultation with Cunard, one of our wonderful physician assistants, I decided to add fillers to my tear trough areas which were looking hollow, my cheeks to add more prominence, my marionette lines, and my lips for a fuller look.

In order to avoid bruising, which can sometimes be associated with injectable treatments, I started taking Arnica Montana about a week prior to my procedure. I bruise easily so this simple step made a huge difference for me.

How did you feel during the procedure? Afterward?

The procedures were not as uncomfortable as I thought they might be. 

The most sensitive area to have injected was my lip area, but I was given a complete dental block which alleviated all discomfort.

How long did it take to see results from your dermal fillers?

The results were immediate!

Emily’s Before / After Photos

Before and after photos of a female treated with dermal fillers
Emily before (left) and after (right) her treatment with dermal fillers.

Is there anything you would like to highlight about your results?

I’m incredibly happy with the outcome of the procedure because it has added back the volume I had lost and provided me with a much more youthful look. 

After comparing my before and after photos I also realized that the fillers smoothed lines on my face that I didn’t realize were so prominent. The procedure has really revitalized my face!

I absolutely love the results and would definitely use this procedure again in the future!

Would you recommend dermal fillers to others? Who could benefit from them the most?

I would definitely recommend dermal fillers to anyone who wants to slow down the signs of aging and to feel better about themselves and their outward appearance.

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